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We seek to enlighten executives and empower teams to
become self-managing engines of success, motivated by self-determination and governed by a culture of trust and accountability.

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"The visibility and transparency that their process gives you into your agency's production and the team's performance can't be underestimated."

James Richardson VP, Operations

“Better Company has had the single biggest positive impact on my agency of any initiative I've ever tried. Revenue is up. Profit is up. Client satisfaction is up. Employee engagement is up. My happiness is up.”

Bret Starr CEO

We work with many
different project-driven businesses; Marketing Organizations, Advertising and Marketing Agencies, Product and Service Companies.

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Our mission is
to be the guiding light for project-driven organizations seeking a transformative path to improve project success, client satisfaction and team happiness.

Leveraging our 12 years and 200+ engagements, your journey
with us is rooted in best practices and proven methods for delivering more effective and efficient projects. Our secret sauce is your talented staff.


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